About Us

IFFCO Shipping Co.

Vision, Mission, Values

With a reliable network joining Worldwide Carrier and International Agents, IFFCO ensures today a fast and safe shipment delivery all around the world at economic and competitive shipping rates.

We provide comprehensive handling of heavy load equipments as well as delicate shipments, tracking and tracing the cargo all the way until it reaches safely its final destination. We make all the required reservations for Air freight and Sea freight, arranging the best Seaport and Airport connections for the fastest and most economical transit time. As the shipment moves on, we guide it smoothly through the customs taking care of all the clearing procedures with the right authorities.

As for the land freight business, IFFCO has always valued its efficiency. We consider Beirut's geographical location as the transit bridge of the Middle East and the HUB of the surrounding regions shipments; that is why we are consistently working on improving our door to door service and we are fully committed to provide the best service possible at the minimum cost.